How Utilizing a Care-Giver Promotes Independence

Picture1“I feel like a burden,” “I’m always taking up everyone’s time”, or “I should probably just let them put me in a facility”

are phrases that we may hear from some of our elder loved ones. If we haven’t heard them say it, there is a chance that it has at least crossed their minds.

Undoubtedly, older adults are hesitant to ask for any help because they don’t want to “impose” or they are just so independent they refuse to admit when they need some extra assistance.

In fact, many clients of Grace Givers Home Care may have never agreed, if their children hadn’t insisted they have some help.

“I feel so much more free,” stated one of our clients. “My Independence is actually back”.

Independence is not something you would imagine having more of when utilizing a care-giving agency? Or is it?

Grace Givers Home Care promotes client independence and encourages our clients to do what they are able for themselves, and we help with the rest. Our clients know that they have their own personal Grace Giver all to themselves, for their errands, transportation, meal prep, personal care, and more.

“Knowing I have someone specifically to assist me, makes me more likely to take care of my business, whereas before I put things off because I felt bad having to rely on family and friends”.

In-home care, along with many other support services, are of course better to be utilized sooner rather than later. Even just for a few hours of cleaning and errands each week, can help adjust your loved one into having assistance that will be beneficial for years to come.

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