Pugh Recognized as Alzheimer’s TN Caring Heart Nominee

IMG_1031Grace Givers Home Care is proud to nominate Alexis Pugh, CNA, for our Caring Hearts Nominee. Alexis, also a full-time nursing student, has been with Grace Givers since we opened our doors, and has brightened the lives of several of our clients living from dementia, as well as their families. We have received nothing but praise reports from her clients and their families, facility staff, and care partners. Lexi’s upbeat, positive, attitude, and willingness to keep her clients engaged (even when challenging) is a trait to be admired by many. On a typical day at work you may find her baking homemade treats for her client or taking her client out for fun activities like enjoying the park, or out for a manicure. She understands the importance of reliability in her care-giving role, and is always about 15 minutes early to work. She makes a point to be present and on time, even in bad weather, as she knows how much her clients and families depend on her. She takes initiative to see what should be done, and completes it. This has alleviated a large amount of stress from her clients’ family caregivers, so that they are able to focus on being family members and not caretakers. Alexis is a special person, there is no other way to describe her. She is natural born caregiver. She is a caring heart.

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  1. She gets that from her nana and her momma!! She is one wonderful young lady! I might be a little bit bias though because she is my sweet niece, but it’s all very true about her! She is a very special young woman!! Love her to pieces!! Way to go Lexi!! So proud of you!!

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