Grace Givers Day Center Receives State License, Tipton Appointed as TAADS Regional Director


It’s been a busy few months here at Grace Givers–with our Home Care program in full swing, and the finishing touches going in on the new day center. All the hard work has paid off, and we are now  dually licensed by the State of Tennessee for, not only in-home care, but also as an Adult Day Center. We are now only the 2nd DHS Licensed Adult Day Program in our 14 surrounding counties, and THE ONLY one in Cumberland County. Pictured is Kelli Tipton, Grace Givers Founder, displaying our Adult Day Program License.  Kelli has recently been appointed as the Northeast Regional Director for the Tennessee Association of Adult Day Services (TAADS). TAADS works to provide education regarding the importance of Adult Day Programs to our communities, resources to providers & families, etc. Grace Givers is also a proud member of TAADS.

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Grace Givers Thanks Cumberland Shrine Club


My first encounter with the Cumberland Shrine Club was when I was less than 10 days old, says Tipton. “I sustained a shoulder injury during birth including a broken collarbone, and substantial nerve damage resulting in the inability to use my right arm very much as a child. My mother and I were taken by Shrine Escort to the Lexington, Kentucky Shriner’s Hospital for children where I received treatment, and made an annual visit back each year thereafter for about the first 8 years of my life.

unnamed (2)My mom still jokes to this day that she had to quit taking me there because I refused to admit that anything was actually wrong with me. I hated people feeling sorry for me. Although I did have some physical limitations, I felt like that should not define who I was. By visiting the Shriner’s Hospital each year, I learned very early on that there is always someone out there in worse shape than I am, and that I should really count my blessings, and try to help those less fortunate. I saw my problem as minuscule compared to these children who couldn’t walk or were missing limbs. It also instilled in me this need to help. I was many times grouped with children in my younger years who had physical disabilities, however would quickly be promoted out of those groups because all I wanted to do was to try and help care for them.

In many ways I believe that these experiences are what sent me towards my passion in life–caring for others– from age 18 to 26, and ultimately, opening Grace Givers Home Care just shy of my 27th birthday.

I want to say thank you so much for the love, acceptance,  friendship, and encouragement of all the current Nobles at the Cumberland Shrine Club, and thanks to all those past members who helped to send this Shrine Kid off to Lexington all those years ago. These men truly are making a difference in the lives of children all over the world, and I was honored to be able to share my story and say thank you!!

–Kelli Tipton


Pugh Recognized as Alzheimer’s TN Caring Heart Nominee

IMG_1031Grace Givers Home Care is proud to nominate Alexis Pugh, CNA, for our Caring Hearts Nominee. Alexis, also a full-time nursing student, has been with Grace Givers since we opened our doors, and has brightened the lives of several of our clients living from dementia, as well as their families. We have received nothing but praise reports from her clients and their families, facility staff, and care partners. Lexi’s upbeat, positive, attitude, and willingness to keep her clients engaged (even when challenging) is a trait to be admired by many. On a typical day at work you may find her baking homemade treats for her client or taking her client out for fun activities like enjoying the park, or out for a manicure. She understands the importance of reliability in her care-giving role, and is always about 15 minutes early to work. She makes a point to be present and on time, even in bad weather, as she knows how much her clients and families depend on her. She takes initiative to see what should be done, and completes it. This has alleviated a large amount of stress from her clients’ family caregivers, so that they are able to focus on being family members and not caretakers. Alexis is a special person, there is no other way to describe her. She is natural born caregiver. She is a caring heart.


Is your senior getting the most bang for their buck with their housekeeper?

655e9a4b124a549ffc7fc23485fcecc7“I don’t need a caregiver,” is the opposition many families encounter when talking to their senior loved one about bringing some extra assistance on board. Did you know Grace Givers Home Care also provides light housekeeping? Many families find our housekeeping, meal prep and companion services to be a good way to “ease in” a caregiver a few hours a week. As your loved one moves through their aging process, their individually matched, trusted Grace Giver can stay along the way and is thoroughly trained to handle housekeeping and companionship all the way to personal care and end of life care. And the best part–you may even save money! Grace Givers Home Care services are many times  more affordable than your average housekeeper, and all of our licensed and insured services are included in our competitive hourly rates. Call us today to find out more at 931.337.0890.


How Utilizing a Care-Giver Promotes Independence

Picture1“I feel like a burden,” “I’m always taking up everyone’s time”, or “I should probably just let them put me in a facility”

are phrases that we may hear from some of our elder loved ones. If we haven’t heard them say it, there is a chance that it has at least crossed their minds.

Undoubtedly, older adults are hesitant to ask for any help because they don’t want to “impose” or they are just so independent they refuse to admit when they need some extra assistance.

In fact, many clients of Grace Givers Home Care may have never agreed, if their children hadn’t insisted they have some help.

“I feel so much more free,” stated one of our clients. “My Independence is actually back”.

Independence is not something you would imagine having more of when utilizing a care-giving agency? Or is it?

Grace Givers Home Care promotes client independence and encourages our clients to do what they are able for themselves, and we help with the rest. Our clients know that they have their own personal Grace Giver all to themselves, for their errands, transportation, meal prep, personal care, and more.

“Knowing I have someone specifically to assist me, makes me more likely to take care of my business, whereas before I put things off because I felt bad having to rely on family and friends”.

In-home care, along with many other support services, are of course better to be utilized sooner rather than later. Even just for a few hours of cleaning and errands each week, can help adjust your loved one into having assistance that will be beneficial for years to come.

Call us today to learn more at 931.337.0890 or Visit us at 110 Rector Avenue, Crossville TN 38555



Grace Givers Participates in Read Across America 2018

read-across-america-day.jpgread-across-america-day1Grace Givers Home Care was honored to participate in Read Across America Day 2018. Pictured: Kelli Tipton (Founder  and CEO) , taking time to read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, By Dr. Suess to children at the Pinewood Campus,  Home Away From Home Headstart. This cause is near and dear to our hearts, as Kelli herself was a Headstart Graduate from the old Baker’s Crossroads Campus.


TAHC Announces Grace Givers Home Care as a New Member


Grace Givers Home Care was recently announced as a new member of the Tennessee Association For Home Care.

TAHC, Inc. was incorporated in 1981 as a non-profit group committed to home health agencies in Tennessee. They play an important role in improving, standardizing and lobbying for changes to help Tennesseans remain in their homes for both short and long term care and support.



Crossville TN Home Care For Seniors

TN Drug Free Workplace

drug-free-therapy-for-depression-300x299.jpgGrace Givers Home Care is recognized by the State of TN, as a Drugfree Workplace. All Grace Givers Employees are subject to drug testing pre-employment, and randomly throughout the year to give you and your family peace of mind when choosing a home care company. Our extensive drug screens test for even more illegal substances than State Law requires. We believe you can never be too careful! Whether you use our services for senior care, new mom care, housekeeping, transportation, or personal care Grace Givers assures you and your loved one are in safe, competent, and drug-free hands.