Our Leadership

Our Leadership Team at Grace Givers is like none other. They have a unique approach and appreciation for what our clients struggle with on a daily basis. They don’t look at it as a job, but rather a ministry.

Peggy Coble: Care Manager

Email: Peggy.Coble@GraceGiversHomeCare.com


Peggy is one of our 3 care managers who oversee our client care. This includes thorough assessments with new and discharging clients to make sure they have the proper resources. She also comes from a care-giving background, as a former Certified Nursing Assistant. She oversees quality assurance, caregiver training, and also conducts caregiver supervisory visits at the clients’ homes to make sure that we maintain our mission of excellent care.

Jane Knight: Care Manager

Email: Jane@GraceGiversHomeCare.com

Lynne Smith: Care Manager

Sherrie Cox: Human Resource Director

Email: Sherrie@GraceGiversHomeCare.com

Sherrie has over twenty years experience in HR and has also had the experience of caring for several loved ones in her family. Sherrie carries out all HR responsibilities including screening applicants, hiring, onboarding and assisting team members throughout their career with Grace Givers. Sherrie also oversees compliance with state agencies for ongoing caregiver requirements.

Email: Jane@GraceGiversHomeCare.com

Kelli Tipton: Founder and CEO

Email: Kelli.Tipton@GraceGiversHomeCare.com

Kelli’s primary goal is to support and grow our leadership team into becoming the best they can be. She oversees financial management of the company along with policies, processes, visioning, and growth strategies.

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