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Our Crossville senior care office has many services. It is located at 3888 Peavine Road near Interstate 40 and Farifield Glade. We provide in-home care to seniors in Crossville and beyond. Additionally, we have the only State-Licensed Adult Day Center in Crossville. Furthermore, it’s only the 2nd of it’s kind in the surrounding 14 counties. The center serves those who wish to receive care in a group setting. Many day center clients are living with Alzheimer’s or other dementia, but the center also provides care to those living with physical limitations. In fact, some clients simply attend for socialization.

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Seniors in Crossville face many care challenges as they age, and for many families that is uncharted territory. Let us be there to help. If you are facing difficulties due to health issues, aging, and beyond, you do not have to go through it alone. Call today for a free consultation for Crossville Senior Care.

In-Home Care

We provide home care through our Crossville senior care office for Cumberland County, Including Crossville, Fairfield Glade, Pleasant Hill, and Tansi.

We also provide coverage for Bledsoe, Fentress, Morgan, Rhea, and Roane Counties.


Services may be from three to twenty-four hours per day in many settings.For example, a client may receive care at home, in an assisted living facility, in a nursing home, or hospital.

Services Include:

crossville senior care

 Respite Care

Bathing, Dressing, and Personal Care

Memory Care 

Medication Assistance

crossville senior care

Transportation & Errands

Meal Prep

Hospice Support

Hospital/Facility Care


Homemaker Services

Adult Day Services

Spending a day at our Senior Retreat will keep your senior busy and happy, and is a popular option for senior care in Crossville. We offer special projects, as well as individual and group activities. Your loved one will benefit from social interaction. Our clients love our healthy meals, and similarly their families love our experienced care. The day center offers lots of other services based on the senior’s care need. We feel that each senior is special and unique, making them each deserving of a personalized activity plan, and for this reason, no two clients have the same structure.

Our seniors enjoy coming here daily, and similarly we enjoy caring for them. Participants can choose between a Full Day or a  4-hour half-day  at our State Licensed Center for a flat rate of $10/hour.

Full Day Includes Access 8a-5pm: 

To illustrate, clients have complete access to the Day Center with licensed, CPR Certified staff. Of course they receive a hot meal provided at lunch, and snacks throughout the day.

Clients also participate in engaging, mentally stimulating activities. In fact, these activities are adapted to meet each person’s ability. The center also provides personal care and medication assistance.

A half day stay is also available for in a four hour block.

Clients choose between 8am-12pm or 1pm-5pm. All services mentioned above are included in the half day, minus lunch.

The Grace Givers Crossville senior care office is a trusted resource for helping your loved one to age in place. We are on call to serve 24/7. Please call us at 931.337.0890. You may also visit our office Monday- Friday 8am-5pm at 3888 Peavine Road. Our experienced, caring staff will help you to find the best option for your senior care needs even if that isn’t us. If you are interviewing multiple companies, give us a call.We offer our free Home Care Agency Interview Guide to help families navigate through choosing a Crossville senior care service.

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