Our Knowledge

When you or your loved one has reached the point that in-home assistance is required, you should never have to be concerned about the capability of those hired to provide that care. Our G.R.A.C.E. training is completed initially at hire, and is a combination of interactive and hands-on learning designed by a Registered Nurse. We cover topics such as Recognizing & Reporting Abnormal Observations, Reporting & Documenting Client Care,Recognizing & Managing Catastrophic Reactions, Understanding Neglect, Understanding Abuse ,Client Bill of Rights, Client-Centered Care, Standard Precautions, Infection Control in Home Care, Activities of Daily Living, Beyond the Bathtub (Bathing Alternatives), Caring for Bed-bound Clients, Bathing Tips, Client Safety Tips, Disaster Planning, Maintaining Confidentiality, Instrumental Activities of Daily Living, Housekeeping Basics, Professionalism & Work Ethic, The Normal Aging Process, End of Life Care, Understanding Dementia, Cooking for Your Clients, Helping Prevent Client Elopement, Nutrition for the Elderly, Being Assertive , Customer Service in Health Care, Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease, Helping New Clients Adjust , Maintaining a Professional Distance, Sexual Harassment, Stress Management Skills, How to Prioritize Your Work , Professional Attitudes & Behaviors, Maintaining Your Clients’ Dignity, and Discover Your Flair for Excellent Client Care.

Additionally our Grace Givers are required to complete a minimum of 27  Continuing  Education Courses Per Year. 

Our Hand’s On Training is Provided by our Field Education Specialist, Peggy, who is a Certified Hospice and Palliative Nursing Assistant, and also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.  Peggy has an extensive background in training, program coordination, and direct patient care in the hospice field.

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Everyone has been so knowledgeable! The have helped tremendously, and help me learn different ways to care for my husband. They are all very skilled, and are so friendly and helpful! They are responsive to my needs, and We have really liked all of them. Everyone comes on time. They are loving and willing to help if I need anything extra.”

   -Contributed from B.C. during Quality Assurance Survey